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Dear readers,

For a long time I am cooking complex, but also simple dishes in many variations.

From Brazilian cuisine, with its colourful and intense dishes such as Vatapá, Feijoada, Moquecas, up to the classic and avant-garde creations of French and Italian cuisine, I have a wide range in my portfolio.

Very popular are the degustations menus, which I organize regularly and which are always fully booked. I have developed my skills as an event chef for large events, so the recipes I imagine are not “grasped from the air” many of them have passed the acid test. Other things I like to cook in a smaller circle for family and friends, you will find what you are looking for!
Fresh ingredients are the be-all and end-all of my cuisine in order to talk to the manifesto of nouvelle cuisine: The good products are chosen by taste and appearance on the weekly market!
Seasonal preparations take centre stage, because what is fresher and more appetizing than a chanterelle that is harvested just when its time has come (July to October), and: Does it make sense to put products on the table that have to be transported from far away in a complex and ecologically questionable way outside the season, just to serve the taste sensations of a sophisticated spectator?

As a journalist, I report on wines, culinary competitions and international trends in culinary art, for example on the gastronomic scene in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Bon Appetit,

Mathias Guthmann