Stories Pop-Up Kitchen, Heidelberg

Gastronomy concepts are diverse. One of them is Pop-Up. For a certain period of time, an idea is realized exactly, experimentally, professionally, poetically, politically.
Urban spaces are unused, old factory buildings, derelict warehouses, slaughterhouses, ruins, old swimming pools, the imagination is open, a walk through the city reveals empty spaces. One is familiar with this in Heidelberg.

A building is discovered, the old Toys “R” Us in Heidelberg’s Blücherstraße, it is abandoned, run down, torn down. A capitalism skeleton.

The designer Wolfgang Glatz and the investor Swen Schmidt walk through this ghostly building, they dream, they calculate and they think, heart and mind come together, this is where the culinary playground is to be created.

In the shortest possible time, permissions are obtained and capital is raised. A sensual space is created. Not for the first time in Heidelberg,
Already 8500 guests visit the earlier events of this series and expand their own perception. The “stories” inspire, polarize, create friends, are alive.

One looks for and finds a cook who is willing to join the madness in Toys. Dominik Markowitz. The cook-crazy guy is first the sous-chef for Tristan Brandt in Opus V, then he drives an odyssey through different first class restaurants, in the Odenwald he even tries it organic, a traveller in the culinary universe, great style!

Foto: Thilo Ross

The rainbow bar is planned and installed, open for all who want to have an excellent cocktail from 21:00 o’clock on, or anything else. There is a large pool with balls, jump in, refreshing! Until March…


The Menu

A bouillabaisse is distilled in a Japanese coffee machine, waving with black garlic across the river. We discover new culinary places.

Every course is inspired. I recommend the donut. Tuna and pastrami with mocha light as a feather, game on the palate, some capers try a creamy-salty-sour aroma, funky. Very light dough, hit! That’s all I’ll say.
Good cuisine, exciting atmosphere, a recommendation!

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Mathias Guthmann schreibt unter anderem für kulinarische Zeitschriften und den Schachsport. Seine Essays, Reiseberichte und Kurzgeschichten haben eine hohe Reichweite und werden in verschiedensten Fachmagazinen, auch international, publiziert. In der freien Wirtschaft berät der Autor eine Firma zu PR-Strategien.

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