When the guests begin to arrive in front of the concert hall in Karlsruhe in the early evening, the mood is excellent.
Glorious weather. The city shines in bright light, is the centre of haute cuisine today.

There is nothing provincial about the event, spring-like joy is spreading.
Today I am completely at home in Baden, and if I may say so, I am very proud of it!
Of course, we are also international today, isn’t that wonderful?

Self-doubt of a tasting nature is unknown to me, how else could I entertain you over the many years with remarks about aroma and sensory worlds?

It is a beautiful evening and particularly emotional.

A glance around the square reveals a small crowd of people chatting freshly and animatedly.

The night before, I receive a text from Michelin headquarters about the dress code, cocktail, I buy a chemise.

The concert hall has taste, undoubtedly. That’s not the case everywhere in Karlsruhe. Yes, the beautiful Weinbrenner buildings, the castle and a few modern buildings. Otherwise, a lot of typical post-war building sins.

A pretty procession of pleasure-seeking friends forms on the square in the meantime.

A feast for the eyes, food for the soul. Promising and beautiful.
A procession of freedom. Hard fought for, every day.

Now it’s all about the stars, the meaning and purpose of the event. The Michelin is not pulling any of them in Germany today. Good news, sighs of relief everywhere.
Amazing. Already happiness chemicals are being released, especially among the chefs, one suspects.
On the sidelines I meet Christian Bau, who in my opinion deserves to be awarded the important new mentor prize. He is the voice of the business.

Have you read my interview with him yet? If not, please do! He is a little touched today on this beautiful evening.

Democracy of pleasure

Then the chefs come on stage. Who make life easier for all of us. And who can do so much. Who write so much poetry on our tables.

And work day and night in the name of perfection.

Familiar faces.
Hoteliers, sous-chefs, chefs, friends, sommeliers, champagne lovers, beautiful women, beautiful men, oh dear friends, there is no time to drag out the text with this enumeration.

All the while the recorder is running, recording the evening for later viewing.

Lens change. It is really important to put the culinary arts in the glaring light. And also to speak plainly for a change.

Today and here, a knowledgeable audience gathers with whom the organiser – with the chefs as the leading voice – composes an excellent score. An outstanding piece.

While drinking champagne, a nice conversation with F.A.Z. feature writer Jakob Strobel Y Serra.
A man of letters, a sharp-tongued observer and commentator.

Finally, the chefs are being honoured. That is important. Now we are talking about the culinary art, an art that touches us all, an art that everyone can look at on the plate and taste in the mouth and palate.

Yes, dear readers, it is a mysterious yet simple quality given to all of us to explore galaxies of flavours and aromas with our senses. We just use it far too seldom, we don’t let ourselves get involved in it.

I cannot list all the protagonists, but I am particularly happy for Thorsten Bender, who won the second star with his Sein in Karlsruhe. Bravura, virtuosity. Simply Sein.

And Gabor also for Karlsruhe with a star. They can be proud there, as I am, bravo!

On Star Restaurants in our Region

One Star Restaurants in Southern Palatine

  • Urgestein im Steinhäuser Hof (Hedi Rink) in Neustadt an der Weinstraße
  • Schwarzer Hahn (Stefan Neugebauer) in Deidesheim
  • Alte Pfarrey (Silvio Lange) in Neuleiningen
  • Schwarz Gourmet (Manfred Schwarz) in Kirchheim an der Weinstraße
  • Intense (Benjamin Pfeifer) in Wachenheim an der Weinstraße

2 Stars Restaurants in our Region

3 Star Restaurants in our Region

Green Star in Region

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