The Salón Gourmets is presenting the first world championship in cider serving for cider from Asturias (Asturias Cider).

This salon is Europe’s largest fine food event and one of the world’s largest platforms for high-quality food and beverages.

The commercially oriented fair is aimed exclusively for Spanish and international professionals from the hotel, hospitality, food distribution, catering, specialised trade, etc. sectors.

It is an opportunity to taste Asturian cider while watching the spectacle that the cider pourers perform when they pour a “culin” cider.

On 18 April, at the Aula Gourmets, 24 participants from all over Spain will take part in the World Cider Pouring Championship / Asturias Cider, sponsored by Alimentos del Paraíso Natural. 

The participants have to show their skill, ability and precision when serving one of the 76 varieties of apples from the cider trees grown in Asturias.

Of the 24 participants, 16 are the winners of the Asturias 2022 Regional Championship, two others have been invited by the organisers and the remaining six will be selected by the Asturias Cider Producers Association (AESA) in a selection process from all the applications submitted.

The pourer must adopt an upright posture, holding the bottle above their head and the glass below their waist while tilting it.
The cider is allowed to fall straight onto the rim of the glass, creating a “culin” of about 100 ml. It is very important to drink it immediately to enjoy the full flavour of the bubbles created by the “escanciado” technique.

Technique, style, speed and cleanliness are some of the aspects taken into account by the jury, made up of industry professionals and food critics, when evaluating the contestants’ performances.

to Salón Gourmets…

Ferran Adrià also presents himself at the Salón Gourmets…

And the famous ham cutters are also there…

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