Gourmet Menu Andreas Senn, A-Rosa Riva, Danube Wine & Gusto, River Cruise

Andreas Senn has his own restaurant, Senns.Restaurant, in Salzburg.

As sous chef at the legendary Ikarus, he studied different philosophies together with top chefs from all over the world and finally found his own creative style. He combines Austrian cuisine with international influences, always using first-class products, always imaginative and with an amazing lightness.

Andreas Senn cooks at the A-ROSA gourmet cruise “Danube Wine & Pleasure”, read the review here:

Andreas Senn, Gazpacho
Andreas Senn, Kopfsalat-Gazpacho

Lettuce gazpacho with pumpkin

A gazpacho is a vegetable soup that is served cold, almost always the vegetables are left uncooked, popular is the preparation with tomatoes. 

The 2-star chef Andreas Senn surprises us at the beginning of the gourmet menu on the A-Rosa Riva with a refreshing variation of this classic, a lettuce gazpacho.
The idea works very well. Freshness and acidity open up the perception. This tapa forms a joyful introduction to the menu and raises the level of expectation.

Andreas Senn, Fjord Forelle
Andreas Senn, Fjord Forelle

Fjord trout, cauliflower, apple

Already in the second dish, Senn serves us a brilliant composition. His fjord trout is allowed to cascade sensory together with cauliflower and apple. Every bite is fun, this is modern and stimulating cuisine.

A technically demanding plate. Culinary miniatures are difficult, here they succeed very well. A wonderful scherzo. Please always keep in mind: The menu is served from the galley and not from the usual restaurant kitchen with its almost unlimited possibilities, a logistical challenge.

Andreas Senn, Sepia
Andreas Senn, Sepia

Sepia, Ajo Bianco, Cucumber

Senn skilfully plays the tapas musical scale. The sepia comes as a fine chip, this is subtle, elegant and facilitates the dosage on the fork. A cucumber espuma not only catches the eye in terms of colour, but also convinces with its light but clear taste. The Ajo Blanco is served as a mousse. A crystal clear flavour accord

Andreas Senn, Risotto
Andreas Senn, Risotto

Risotto with chanterelle and blueberries

Everyone likes risotto. The art is to hit the right consistency.
Andreas Senn proves his high technical level with this plate. The Austrian combines unusual ingredients very confidently.

The rice is slightly crunchy. Together with chanterelle mushrooms and blueberry in the form of flavoured air, the result is an entertaining plate.

Andreas Senn, Stroganoff
Andreas Senn, Stroganoff

Black Angus Short Rib “à la Stroganoff”?

A deconstructed classic? No, an independent composition that convinces with its taste, sensory properties and texture.

The fact that the construction is served in the form of a modified smiley shows humour and self-irony. The short rib is flanked by an airy soufflé, the onion is blanched and caramelised in an aromatic jus.

All the ingredients come together to create an excellent aromatic landscape. The taste echoes for a long time, which is a good thing, nobody wants it to stop.

Andreas Senn, Sauerklee
Andreas Senn, Sauerklee

Wood sorrel, black rice, apricot

A charming dessert. Black rice belongs to the classic repertoire of Far Eastern cuisine. The aroma is exciting, its slightly nutty taste seems made for patisserie.

Together with the wood sorrel and the marille, a fragrant dessert is created. Attention is also paid to the mouthfeel of this plate, the marille, for example, presents itself in different states of aggregation, this is how modern high cuisine works.

The dinner meets the expectations of the guests on this beautiful river cruise.
Andreas Senn and his team have put a lot of thought into this elegant, exciting and extremely creative menu. Something like this is made possible by perfect logistics and precise preparation.

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