The Consell de Mallorca and Palma City Council present a new campaign for responsible tourism in Playa de Palma.

Mallorca is presenting itself with this campaign at this year’s ITB in Berlin.
Mallorca is an island of desire.

In May, the sun bathes the land in a warm glow, the aroma of orange blossom and pine trees caresses the senses. A gentle wind blows across the fields, making the olive trees dance gently and telling us stories from bygone times.

Mallorca is simply more than just the ever popular “Ballermann”!

In a speech at the launch of the initiative, the President of the Consell de Mallorca, Llorenç Galmés, emphasised the importance of continuing to promote responsible tourism on the island, “because this is the only way we can achieve a sustainable tourism model that protects our values and our position as a leading tourist destination in the world”.

Sustainability is the call of the hour. Responsible tourism is the motto. Of course, this won’t happen overnight, as the island has a significant economic interest in tourism as a collective.
On the occasion of Mallorca’s appearance at the ITB, I receive an invitation from the Consell to a dinner in the winter garden of the KaDeWe in Berlin.

Santi Taura

Mallorcan celebrity chef Santi Taura serves a regional menu for more than 150 guests.
Santi runs the Michelin restaurant Dins in Palma, located in the centre of Palma’s old town, where you can literally breathe in the air of the centuries at every corner.

“We cook history” is his credo. Refined, modern and technically sophisticated, he presents creations from the past in a new look.

On the menu:

Mini pastry tart with red mullet filling
Organic sobrassada on toasted bread

Sautéed black carrots
Red snapper with grandma’s sauce
Mallorcan lamb loin

Dessert textures with citrus fruits from Sollér

The starter, which is served informally, demonstrates great skill and confidence. The empanadas with red mullet filling are a stunner, umami, crispy and flavoursome.


The organic sobrassada (air-dried, spreadable raw sausage) on toasted bread is fun. Once again you can see: simple is good!

The sautéed black carrots are dancing on the tongue.
The subtle spicy note provides a fiery accent that takes the flavour to the next level. The crispy roasted cauliflower blends perfectly with the earthy complexity of the creation.
More than just a touch of sunshine on the plate.

The red snapper is perfectly cooked. The fish is coated with a mustard-coloured orange and olive oil cream (french culinary term: glace)
This is clearly Michelin cuisine. Technically sophisticated, perfectly presented.
However, the carrots with their incomparable terroir remain more deeply in my personal memory.

The leg of lamb is both tender and savoury. Basically a “pulled lamb”.
Caramelised notes caress the palate. An amber-coloured stock supports the dish par excellence. Excellent, especially for lovers of long braised dishes. Long-lasting.

Paisaje de Sollér

Finally, the dessert textures from Sollér.
The small town is located in the Serra de Tramuntana in the north-west of the island.
Santi Taura cultivates its own orange and lemon trees there, and the flavour of the fruit is transferred directly to the plate.
A symphony of flavours and textures in the form of a classic gelatine.
You can taste the essence of Mallorca.
Santi Taura takes you on a journey through picturesque orange groves and fragrant lemon groves. A painting of the landscape emerges before the culinary eye, lively and dynamic.
The perfect blend, sugary and refreshing at the same time. An outstanding finale.

This is regional cuisine at its best.
Gracias por la invitación y que tenga suerte con la campaña.

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